Employee Spotlight

          This months employee spotlight features John Meyer. John has been with the company for over 10 years. When John first came to the company he was a welder/fabricator, and over the years he became a self-taught tig welder. John is our on-site welder, and takes great pride in his work. John is also on the safety committee, so he is in charge of all safety related operations in the shop. John was chosen for these roles due to his experience/knowledge in both welding and safety, and for his reliability

          John is the type of employee that every company loves to have. He is the guy who is always on time, only needs to be told what to do once, and is as reliable as they come. When TBS is slow, John will keep himself busy by keeping the shop clean and tidy, and when TBS has a hectic schedule, John is always the guy you know you can count on to help out with any job needed of him. John comes to work everyday, puts his head down, and works hard. Having an employee like this really boosts all aspects of TBS and who we are.

We appreciate the effort and the time you have put into your job in the time you have been here!