TBS Origin Story

Tube Bending Specialists was started 28 years ago with an idea and a dream. The founders, George and Mary Mundis, started this company in 1989 knowing it may not succeed but having the drive and skill set to make it a reality. George had worked at the “big” bending houses throughout Minnesota, and during that work, he noticed a gap in the market. That gap in the market was small to medium size runs that most other companies do not have the time or proper resources to run. The small runs most big bending houses scoff at, were the very thing that Tube Bending Specialists was able to grow, and ultimately thrive on.

George and Mary decided that their path would be to start small and ease their way into the market. In 1989 George went to an auction in Chicago and purchased the first bender that TBS would ever use. Luckily, this bender came with 2 full pallets full of tooling (the equipment specific to each kind of material and its size required for the bender to be able to bend it properly). The tooling that was bought to start the company is still being used to this day. Currently, we have 4 benders that we use in our shop, and we are continuously updating our equipment in order to keep up with the new workforce of Millenials that are emerging. These updates include 2 new CNC benders purchased within the past 3 years.

Tube Bending Specialists is now in the process of transitioning to a second generation family company. George and Mary are in the process of transitioning the company to their youngest daughter, Nichole Mundis. Nichole is now in the process of continuously improving the processes and equipment that we have here at TBS. Stay tuned for what is to come here at Tube Bending Specialists, the Midwest’s number one bending house.