The Color Murple

Here at Tube Bending Specialists, we have a logo that has been used since the inception of the company. This logo is one that was created by one of the founders of the company, Mary Mundis. As her and George were starting up the company, they both knew that they would need to create a logo that would stand apart from the rest. The only question was, what would that logo be? After trying out different designs and drawings for this logo, there still was no finalized logo made yet. Mary started doodling on a napkin one day while out to eat, and after looking at what she had drawn, she realized that what was on her napkin was the perfect logo for TBS.

Since 1989, TBS had kept this logo as its identity. Fast forward to present time, and Nichole (daughter) is now running the company. One of the main challenges for her was trying to keep the company true to what it has always been, but also putting a little twist on the ways things are done to make it unique to her. One of the ways this was done was by keeping all the same designs and logos that George and Mary created, but then adding a little color into the mix. Nichole decided that this color would be purple.

There are some reasons why this color was chosen, and below are a few of those reasons (and a few fun facts about the color purple);

  1. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, and ambition.
  2. Purple is also said to represent creativity and imagination, which are two of the main strengths here at TBS.
  3. Purple is a very rare color in nature; some people consider it to be artificial.
  4. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.

Fun Fact: Here at TBS we like to call our signature color “murple.” Working in the manufacturing industry there are a lot of men, so we tried to make sure that the guys we have working here knew that it was a “manly purple”, hence why we like to call it murple.”