Employee Spotlight



This months employee spotlight features Tube Bending Specialists metal fabricator specialist, Michael Specht. Michael has been with the company since 2014, and over the years he has been here, his roles and responsibilities have grown and evolved. Michael is now the “go to fabricator” when it comes to any job that needs machining, drilling, etc.
In the recent months, Michaels roles have expanded immensely. He now has started learning the engineering side of the business (quoting, working with customers on required jobs), as well as attending events to help promote and educate about our business. The most recent event Michael attended was the “Wunderkammer Tech and Training Exploratorium.”
The Wunderkammer model asks technicians to enthusiastically spark the innate curiosity about unexplored living wage career opportunities for workforce ready youth. “Work-a-day jobs are explained while the technicians and youth engage in an activity that is representational of a typical workplace skill. This shared experience allows youth to feel welcome.” Technicians can begin to talk about their careers in production, training required and advancement opportunities to be achieved.
During this event, Michaels main job was to help the young people understand what it is we do, and how we do it. From showing them how to read a print, to actually hand bending the material to specific measurements. Without a doubt, Michael was definitely able to spark enthusiasm in the youth who attended this event.
Here is a quote from Michael speaking on his experience at the event, “ It was an honor being able to attend the Wunderkammer Tech & Training Exploratorium. Connecting with the minds of our next generation is a wonderful experience. I would certainly look forward to attending this event again.”