Who Are We?

Tube Bending Specialists was founded in 1989 to address the growing need for a company that could provide precise and efficient bending services on a timely basis. We are a small family owned business that lives true to the core values we find crucial in doing business in a positive manner. In doing so, we intend to provide services that are a cut above the rest. We believe in deep collaboration and synergy among our team, which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot.

Who we are: We are a small family-owned business that was founded in 1989 with three generations of expertise to assist you. We provide customer service that cannot be matched anywhere else in the market.
What we do: We provide technically advanced, precise, and efficient bending services to meet your needs.
Why it matters: Working as a team in partnership with you, we are able to collaborate and innovate meeting your needs.

All of these statements are what TBS and its staff hold true to each and every day. These statements are also why we believe that we have been in business for 27 years now. TBS has stayed true to the same mission, vision, and values from the beginning. Nichole Mundis will be the next generation to run TBS, and she plans on holding true to those same values George and Mary had throughout their successful careers. Nichole also plans on taking the company to the next level by building on those mission, vision, and values for the future.